• Consulting on matters of non-tariff restrictions and regulations
  • Consulting on matters of tariff classification of goods.
  • Customs administrative procedures
  • Return or payment for goods having caused abandonment
  • Auditing in matters of foreign trade
  • Customs planning
  • Legal consulting
  • Litigation on matters of customs and foreign trade
  • Defense in case of suspension or cancellation of patents by customs agents
  • Defense in case of suspension from importers registry
  • Industry importation registries
  • Importation permits
  • Automatic notices
  • Defense against countervailing duties
  • Courses in foreign trade and customs matters
  • Support for exports
  • Special Tax on Production and Services and Value-Added Tax certification
  • Recuperation of payment for customs processing fee (DTA)

As part of our comprehensive services, MFB assesses our clients in operations they conduct within the framework of the Free Trade Agreements to which Mexico is signatory, in the development of adequate exportation and importation mechanisms, in the reduction of the costs of international shipping and in the prevention of customs and tax risks.